BOOK REVIEW: Christina Lauren – Roomies

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My review – 6 star read!

Without hesitation this has gone into my top reads of the year. The talent shone through with each and every page turn of this marriage to love, lovestory. The supporting cast were excellent, even Lulu who I wanted to strangle a few times too!

I near died at a certain point during Roomies, I couldn’t get my breath quick enough with the explosion of laughter, I applaud books that can bring humour along with angst and raw emotion, a feast of literary deliciousness to dive into.

Both lead characters were created tremendously well, I had a lot of respect for Holland and how she dealt with things, the way she was written was an instant hit in my opinion. Calvin was a connundrum sometimes, I can see why Holland would worry about how things were going and what was real and what might not be. Loved it.

The consequence of being ‘roomies’ was never going to be easy, the easy solution the reader just knows is not going to be easily gained at all. The push pull was perfect. The well-crafted theatrical world was so easy to visualise and be happily drawn into, the characters, the music, broadway and of course immigration all came together for an outstanding read.

This book could have easily gone on longer, I was that invested in it, in them, I would have been very happy for a lot more. Definitely a great read and sorry it had to end. I received Roomies via netgalley, my review is my own and based on my reading experience, which in this instance was easily and 6 star read.

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