BOOK REVIEW: Pepper Winters – Unseen Messages

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“There is a message for everything. From handwritten to verbal, seen and unseen. Messages exist all around us.”

But what if you don’t see?

What if you don’t understand?

What if, by ignoring the message, your life is never the same again?”

Estelle Evermore morphed from nobody to somebody overnight.

Galloway Oak put his past behind him and endeavoured to make his fortune using his trade.

Two strangers.

One plane.

Multiple unseen messages.

From sky to island, they find neither fame nor skills can save them. Stripped from society and left alone to survive the elements, the very task of staying alive outweighs all other needs.

Until survival turns to desire.

And desire turns to danger.



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Epic 5 star love story.

Unseen Messages will resonate with me for a long, long time. I adored, devoured and savoured every single word in this brilliant survival story.

I laughed, I cried and I lived their adventure. I could feel the sand and I could taste the salty air.

This is a book where you don’t want to turn the page sometimes, you know what’s coming next and that it’s going to rip your heart right out, I’m honestly shedding a tear right now reliving some scenes as I write this. So, so good!

I can’t tell you how much I love books that can do what this book did to me. I want to go visit their Fijian Island, I truly want to walk in the footsteps and live a little of what they did, that’s how real they felt to me. Not just some characters plopped on a desert island. This book truly reminded me where my heart lies and what I wish to feel from a good book.

If this is not turned into an epic blockbuster of a film then Hollywood need shooting. It has EVERYTHING you need for the best survival true love romance, ever! Estelle and Galloway aka Stelly and G deserve to be on the big screen, as do the Evermores, Connor, Pippa, Coco and all the other characters we come to meet.

Brilliant, brilliant read and one I’ll never forget for as long as I live.

I received Unseen Messages to review, and I urge you to go read it for yourself. Pepper has a unique prose, she’s very descriptive, some might say overly, but not me. Everything she writes has a purpose, and every purpose has a meaning and her meaning in this book is so deep it belongs in your heart. This book is full of strength, horrors of surviving, living, dying, loving, sadness, happiness and finding true love. I will never forget the characters I met in this book.







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