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Title: Once Bad Intentions

Author: Monique Dixon




Once Bad Intentions is an authentic portrayal of what the darker world looks like for many growing up in South-London’s ghettos during the 1990s. Set with a backdrop of 90s hip-hop and fashion influences, this is the emotional story of a young girl’s journey to succeed and find love despite growing up in a dysfunctional household tainted with violence.

The protagonist, Stephanie Johnson, is an emotionally challenged adolescent naturally inclined to raise her fist. She finds love and companionship with Younger Ghetto Boys gang member, Tyrone, but when he is tricked into leaving the country upon his release from prison, she is left with a deep hole in her heart.

A short spell in foster care gives Stephanie the light and courage to change her life, riddled with gang violence, crime and violence, around. However, her foster-carer, Claudia’s, attraction to her father and her fractured relationship with her mother, is the catalyst for Stephanie to fall into the arms of former gun toting, Peckham Boys gang member and jailbird, Damien. Her past reignites its ugly head to remind her of the person she was and the person she so desperately wanted to be.

Will Stephanie ever find redemption and the courage to leave her past behind?


About the author:

Monique Dixon was born and raised in south-east London. Once Bad Intentions is her debut novel inspired by true events. She has also contributed to Brown Eyes, Sexual Attraction Revealed and Hair Power Skin Revolution anthologies. She graduated from The University of the Arts London in 2002 and works within programmatic marketing in a commercial capacity. Monique still resides in south-east London with her husband and their daughter.




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