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The Romance Vault is owned and maintained by me – Michelle  – hello from the UK!

Greetings from Michelle.

I read predominately romance novels which is why I picked the title and the slogan for my website etc. I publish my reviews all over the net; Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and here. I also tweet and post to Facebook so feel free to follow on both those platforms the more the merrier!

You’ll notice I do a fair amount of ARC reviewing and Promotional posts for authors and join a whole heap of blog tours and participate in Cover Reveals. Books are my happiness, reading is my passion. I read 95% of the time, where I can, when I can.  I have my trusted kindle on me at all times, I am lost without it otherwise. I have a back up kindle as last year I dropped my only kindle and smashed the screen, I was lost overnight and having to read on my husbands ipad until my new kindle arrived. I had the screen repaired on my old one and voila I now have two! I have a kindle keyboard, for some reason I have not ever been enticed to ‘upgrade’ to the new touchscreen paperwhites.  I do like the idea of the lighted paperwhite but I don’t like the feel of the kindle in my hand or the way to turn the pages on the paperwhites so I am sticking with my trusted keyboard kindles.

I don’t know how many other fanatical readers do this but when I read a book and totally and utterly love it I have to buy a paperback or hardback copy of it as well. Call me weird I know, it’s so silly to do that as I’ll always have my ebook file but I have to see a ‘proper’ book of those books I can’t live without. Is that strange? One day if you look on here I may have shared some pictures of our library, yes I am lucky enough to live in a house that we have a room dedicated to books. Not that we are posh we are just lucky to have extended enough to have a room that all the family enjoy. One day I might also share a picture of me, but I’m shy so you may have to wait awhile for that 😉

I’ve worked mostly in the Finance field, producing management accounts for a Steel Company, but I’m one of those restless peeps, producing profit and loss figures does not get the creative juices flowing.  I turned my hand to digitising embroidery and sold my own digitised designs and even been published in an Embroidery magazine three times.  I’ve bar tended (briefly), I still have set up in my home a kiln and torch where I sit listening to the radio and play at Lampworking (google it, it’s amazing!),  I sit and have drawing competitions with my kids (though I am not a good artist at all!

The one thing I always have never deviated though from since I was but a small child) is reading, I have always absolutely loved the written word and  I feel that that has ultimately always been my calling to be in the world of books.



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